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Channel Z

Wow I met up with the band guys and we to Channel Z to play them our song! ( and it was soooooo awesome! We played them the song and they were likin it! Joel and Jaden did an awesome job with making these pack things with everyones name on them! With a copy of the CD which they listened to for each one to make sure there were no stuff ups! Haha!

Wow I'm really keen to learn the doulble thumbing technique on the bass, I found a good website ( thats got some ones I'll learn!

Also had the best side band practise on Sunday, met up with Mike and we cranked through the 6 songs I had written, and we've nailed 3 and are have almost got the other 3 ready to play! I had a smile on my face the entire time, I was so stoked!

Its actually becoming a really good outlet for me, as we've got Dad's study as like a spare room and I can lock myself in there and sing and make up basslines and it doesn't feel like I'm in my house! ... I especially needed it last night as it was a bit of a downer, Andrea came over and I was trying to cheer her up as life with her friend Lucy is on the rocks, but she has this great way of just when I'm enjoying her company she'll have to go cos she starts work at like 6:30am .. but I just hate the fact she has that power over me, she kinda just cruises over, throws a harpoon into my chest and then rips it out when she leaves!

Which kinda stings a bit, I almost just want to say to her, don't come round here for a while until I've got over her, but at the same time she's like my best friend! ... thats when its a good time to go and run and sing songs! =D

Sunday was great, after discovering that Whittakers Dark chocolate blocks were Vegan, I somehow managed to eat half of the whole thing! and I never eat chocolate! So now I keep getting these cravings! Its very odd, so then I walked in the rain and walked like 5 laps of victoria park market in the rain to exercise! hahaha, I hadn't been out all weekend!

Anyway I've got my 5km run tomorrow after work! Should be fun!
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