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The tour!

Hey wow, I haven't updated this in ages! ... we've been invited to do the New Zealand high schools tour! ... It starts next Friday when we go down to invercargil and work our way back up to Auckland over 5 months!!! ... how crazy is that, I've never even been to the south island but I heard its coooold!! :~| work have been amazing and given me 5 months unpaid leave! ... We played last night at Armagedon which is this comic festival thing, was great! ... but here I am yet again at work at 7am on Saturday morning!

Wow I've been practising a lot of meditation and that is sooooooo good, its just given me a really good outlet for stress\etc ... wow its great! I'm loving the bass, been listening to lots of G'n'R! ... Bought the new total guitar bass special with ol' Duff on the front cover!! ..

Its been great kickin back with ol' Edog and chillin in starbucks with the vanilla soy latte! ... and white choc muffin heated up!! ...ahhh!! ... wow what a blast, I've been chatting with Steve in Canada and he's having a blast, I sent him over a cool cap from here, one that actually looks good on us! hahah, so he was stoked, I think its a bit lonely for him and Nats being there and not really knowing anyone!

I bought the rocky 5 dvd set, man theres some great lines in that! ... and I think thats the same as me, I don't really want to win, all I ever wanted to do was to go the distance! =)
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