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No one knew me at all

Wow BDO was amazing, I had the best time! The darkness were f**king awesome and the Strokes completely blew me away, then Metalica with stuff like nothing else matters was just awesome!

On all other fronts I seem back into the routine but somehow now quite,
for some unknown reason everything seems like a bit of a joke, its hard to explain but there are a lot of things that no longer worry me.
I think its just this year I decided is all about having fun and enjoying myself as last year was really hard. I took everything way to seriously, I liked that quote from Jerry Lewis, life isn't funny, you've got to think of things to make it funny!

Anyway the bands going well I suppose, actually to tell you the truth I'm getting a bit bored of it. Now we are getting into how money going to be split if the overseas thing happens and its become a real "well I did this so I should get this" affair, quite sad really. Has really killed quite a lot of enthusiasm I once had, I mean "theres no I in team!" ... or maybe I am mistaken?

On the positive I've got a drummer for my side band which is just solid fun! This song like hit me the other day at work and I wrote it all down and it is fully one of my favs now! (up there with sXe girl! ;)

Still looking for a flat, actually I'll check the paper soon! I'm at work at the moment on Saturday morning dammit starting at 7am! Got Amy's going away party underneath shadows at the university tonight which should be cool with the lads!

Rock n Roll
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