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Fake Tan

Well this week has just been insane, I've been super busy! Had a cool night out last night which was great as the four walls felt like they were closing in! We film the video for Loner on Saturday, so tonight we got out upper torsos coated in fake tan! haha "thats not weird" ... and got embarassing photos taken so hopefully tomorrow I don't look like a hot tamale or an Oompa loompa! ..

Anyway Its so crazy, and its like 10 sleeps till I go to England ... man I'm not feeling that ready to leave, everythings just heating up here but at the same time I can't wait to go because I've been so damn busy! ... We've got to play the song at half speed while they film it, its going to be at a Warehouse in Henderson and we've got heaps of people coming along! I should be practising now, or alternatively making my lunch for tomorrow but to be frank I cannot be F**ked! ... I'm really tired of racing around!

So I think I'll let lunch make itself, the song can be learnt tomorrow and Paul can enjoy 2 seconds to himself! =) Oh and I'm super excited about this acoustic bass I'm going to buy myself when I return, its black and cool lookin! caaaaaant wait!
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