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New bass player mag!

Zowie!! Just bought the new bass player mag, and its got a transcription of Primus - Tommy the cat! For 5 string tho! Grr! But I can skip those low note as the majority can be on 4 stringer! That is when I get two seconds to play the bass!!

Wow the weathers been so great the last few days, yesterday on my lunch break I sprawled out on Victoria park market grounds, and ended up falling asleep! Hehe, then today I went down to the viaduct and sat by the water! Would have been great if snuffalauphagus wasn't sitting behind me, I felt like saying "Do you need a tissue or something mate?" ... hehe concentrate on the breathing!

Anyway back at work now, can't wait to get home and pack more stuff up and listen to cool CDs and watch DVDS! ... but first we have to go see a video director guy for the video! Which should be cool,

Rachel went on Friday night! Wow you'll be almost home when I'm writing this! I listened to that tape the other day and man is it funny! Especially the line that always cracks me up, that one where I forgot to put the e on you're! and its like "Paul ... why can't you spell!" ! Hehe! Well so here I am! ... time for more work but its Friday tomorrow and I want to go to the beach!!
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