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Wow its almost the weekend and I'm working tomorrow morning at 7am! yippie! and I'm finishing tonight at 7pm! Woohoo!! haha anyway todays been pretty cool, got a haircut this morning, got a classic line from the guy hairdresser "do you want a magazine while you wait" I was like ok ... "do you want a car magazine" I was like hmmmm anything else ... and he goes in the classic speech "or do you feel like something more gossipy!" Haha that was funny, what was funnier was that I actually read who magazine or whatever it was! Just went and hung out at Borders before, listening to that new REM best of CD .. which is awesome and I want it! and great record at the moment is the new strokes one! Wow that is f**cking brilliant! ... learnt the bass for reptilla! sounds cool, was reading the new bass player magazine on Les Claypool and I want to play some mean as impossible slap insanity bass lines live in front of a studio audience!!!
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