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Saturday morning

Well I'm at work and its 7am! ... Worked yesterday till 7pm then walked to band practise, then slept in!!! whoops! 6:55 on the alarm clock!!! rushed in and was here at 7:13am!
We're playing some amazing shows next Thursday, Friday and Saturday!
Thursday at Papa Jacks, Friday at Massey University with Elemeno P, the Uni orientation at AUT with Elemeno P, Steriogram, Goodshirt!!! ...Wow that'll be crazy!

Really diggin GNN at the mo, our new song is killer!
Ang\Kate dramas are still playing in my mind, I fully need to watch Labyrinth or Return to Oz!!!
Steve and Natalia got their Canandian Visas, missing the UK! Oxford Street, the tube :(

Enjoying the bass! working Saturdays is strange, its like being locked away with no one to talk to for 8 hours! kinda crazy but exciting in a fun hey I can do whatever the hell I like way!
Something changed in me since I got back, Im not the same, Im quite into just feeling good and laughing and enjoying myself, can't be too serious, I'm having a blast!
Its almost like my when playing mentality is coming into my normal life, exciting!!

Saw last samurai the other day which was great! had a cool Monday in town just doing what i felt like! I'm enjoying my new found love for coffee too! ... wow 23 years old, Im grown up.
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