Paul (frostyguy) wrote,

Alec Eiffel

We're staying with friends of the family in France! but Im back to London on Thursday! ... France has been really cool! I just went into a bakery and asked for something and walked out with something completely different!! Haha I wanted a custard square and they bagged this whole thing out and I left with a piece of chocolate cake or something!

We went out for dinner the other night to an authentic French restaurant and enjoyed a first course of what could only be described as "big ass mushrooms!" Haha I had my one and was like phew glad thats over with! ... then they were like, "well the next course isnt vege so ... hey what the hell, give 'in another mushroom!" ... Hahah ... I didnt have mushroom left in my tum!!! .... :P

Anyway I've taken heaps of photos and when I find someone that speaks english then I'll put then up here!!

GNN are playing at the classic! That sounds great, I had a dream I was back in New Zealand and that someone was actually reading my posts! ... What a nightmare that was!

Alright as they say in the business!
Au Revior!!
Le Paul
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