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I Love LA!

I'm in LA!! hehe its soooo cool!
We got here yesterday and didn't sleep on the plane at all, haha was sooo wasted yesterday, went to south coast plaza mall and zombied my way round! Went to some place call Yahoo Fish Taco or something and got a Rice and Bean Banzier or something, I think I looked a bit lost! haha the place looked so cool.!

Looked in borders there! Was like being home!
Then today went to Universal all day! Wow I had the time of my life!

I bought better than cream cheese! Hehe and cherry coke and Trident gum, and ... and ... wow everythings so exciting!!! =)))

We're off to London tomorrow and hopefully internet there doesn;t cost $20 for 60 minutes!! Haha I'm getting ripped off and I love it ...
I love LA!!!
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