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Video eve

Wow I've eaten too much at dinner and I feel like I'm going to burst! Hehe not that thats new, man I'm super excited about the video tomorrow, I've got all my gear ready and we have to be at the warehouse at 8:30am! I've been practising the song at half speed which has been tricky but great fun!

Its insane, a video featuring Paul Taite on the bass, I mean I would have never of dreamed that in a million years! what an accomplishment! I'd pretty much written myself off a few years ago, guess you never know what the tide could bring!

Work was really excellent today! had a great time cracking up with the other fire service lads, got myself an apple and blueberry pie for Friday Pie day! Then played heaps of street fighter II new challengers at lunch time! then played more MAME on Neils Mac, just had a day where I though to myself, you know what, lifes pretty good!

Anyway I'm at home and no one else is here, I'm going to sing some of my songs for a while and then hit the hay and been at west at the warehouse at 8:30am to start shooting the video!

Turned out nice again.
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