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Sunday Morning

Work sucked! It was so quiet and boring so I kept leaving for like 2 hour breaks! Bought a new earring, wow so I can get out of the 80's with my silver sleeper!, got a black one with a ball on it, except the ball seems way to easy to come off! Hmmm,

Wow what a crazy night last, went over to Erins flat and watched Father Ted on DVD that was so funny, tried the Phoenix Ginger beer and its sooo good! Then Steve went home and me and Erin cruised up to Grand Central and tried some techniques! (do you want to know what this situation actually feels like)!!

hehe anyway so then we to Safari which wasn't quite the usual, but the redeeming feature of the night was going to Papa Jacks! That place was going off with heaps of good music and people! Got to bed at 5 and got up after 10pm so today will be interesting but no work tomorrow!!! Wooo-hooo!!

2 weeks to go until I leave! I should really start packing stuff!!!
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